We support the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition

The Law Offices of Howard Friedman is a proud sponsor of Professionals for Transgender Rights, tonight’s fundraising event for the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition. MTPC does vital work to protect the rights of trans people in Massachusetts. MTPC was instrumental in passing the 2011 Act Relative to Gender Identity, and is committed to getting public accommodations protections included in our state’s nondiscrimination laws.

Another of MTPC’s many accomplishments was to work with the Boston Police Department to draft a new policy that instructs officers how to properly interact with and respect transgender people. The BPD announced this policy in June of 2013, just a few months after our client, a transgender woman, agreed to accept $30,000 and a judgment against the City of Boston to resolve her claim that she was falsely arrested and subject to discrimination for using the women’s bathroom at a homeless shelter. 

Our firm represents trans people who are denied their rights, particularly when law enforcement agencies are involved.

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