These are some statements from clients who are thankful for our services. Many of our clients prefer to submit these private testimonials.


Words can not express the gratitude I feel for Carmen, David, and Howard. When concrete and barbed wire separates you from the world, and those in charge inflict humiliation, for no acceptable reason, you feel pretty helpless against those that abused their positions of power. This law office made them stop; they made them pay. Hundreds of future women are forever saved from this degradation.”

  A class representative in a prisoners’ rights class action


Howard and team were dedicated and determined to bring forward the callous disregard of my rights by security and police during a sporting event. … They were extremely successful in reversing any negative results of my illegal incarceration and requiring the owners to reverse previous actions taken against me. OUTSTANDING litigator indeed!!"

  A client in a police misconduct case


You gave a disempowered, frightened young man a voice, and you gave him back the respect and dignity the [police department] had effectively stripped away from him. His sense of justice and vindication may well be the thing that carries him on to success in his life, and no dollar amount can compare to that.”

 A criminal attorney who defended our client against improper charges


I cannot be thankful enough on what you and your team have restored in my life, my well being, as well as my emotional health. Its good to know that there are people such as yourselves who are willing to fight for people like myself without bias or judgment. The Time, The work, the Care and consideration you placed on my case was above exceptional, it was selfless. Thank you so much for your determination and persistence.”

A client in a false arrest case


We are most grateful for you! You have made a lasting impression on each of us and we thank you so very much for your support and guidance through this difficult process. Thank you for being a respectful and honorable man."

A client in an illegal strip search case


Howard is a fierce and honorable advocate, and I will always be grateful for his guidance. He holds police officers responsible for protecting the civil rights of all people all the time without exception. Howard was our voice for justice and gave us hope in the darkest days of our lives."

  A client in a case regarding the wrongful death of her son


You have helped change all our lives for the better and we will never be able to thank you enough."

  A client in a prison injury case


In the beginning I felt like David and Goliath and that there was no way we could win the fight, but as I soon came to realize you and your staff were the great equalizers... You and your staff are excellent at what you do."

A client in a police brutality case


Thank you again for all the extra care and consideration you gave to us by treating myself and family not just as a client but as real people that were in need of real help… Most lawyers, at least that I've known, would not have put one tenth of the human effort, time, and resources into a case like this. You and your staff are true advocates for social justice."

A client in a civil rights case


Thank you and your staff for helping me fight back against police brutality. Excellent service, by keeping me updated on everything and answering all the questions I had and helping me out. Once again thanks."

A client in a police brutality and First Amendment case


I wanted to give thanks for all the help and understanding. A wonderful job was done and it will be appreciated."

A client in a prisoners' rights class action case


I appreciate all you did for me. If I know anyone who has trouble with the police I will send them to you."

A client in a police misconduct case


Thank you for helping me with my case. David and the team worked efficiently and confidently to get me the best settlement possible. In addition, they took their time to answer all of my questions and the process was seamless."

A client in a race discrimination case


You did a great job on my case. I felt you listened to me and then achieved my goals. My father said he could tell you were good lawyers from the way you handled the case. I will recommend your firm to anyone I know who needs a lawyer."

A client in a police brutality case


I would like to thank my attorney the incredible Howard Friedman… Attorney Friedman is one of the top police abuse attorneys in the country… He is famous for representing and winning civil rights cases. He has won and/or settled cases 100 times larger than mine but treated my case as if it were his only case.”

A client in a police misconduct case


Attorney Friedman was right on…  So, kudos to him… his advice will help me… because he is at the top of his field… You guys are the best."

A man with a police misconduct complaint


You are truly lawyers for the people."

A man with a police misconduct complaint


Attorney Friedman and his team are extraordinary professionals who put in the time and hard work and gets results! When I was in my accident I initially had another attorney. I didn't feel like my case was being taken serious, so I searched for another attorney. I had a friend tell me about Attorney Howard Friedman and how he is the real deal. I called that same day and instantly knew my case was in the right hands. I would recommend anyone to Howard Friedman and his team because they Get It Done and are people who actually care."

A client in a personal injury case


Your wise counsel, steady encouragement and intelligent advocacy made the long, grueling journey endurable, always educational, occasionally humorous and undeniably memorable… Your success in orchestrating a very positive outcome for me was the icing on the cake. Thank you for your faultless professionalism, enduring work ethic, passionate commitment to just causes, principled leadership, and fairness. All those qualities have convinced me that there ARE people in the legal profession whose primary motivation is the ethical pursuit of justice."

A client in a discrimination case


In 1978, I complained about the incivility of a police officer in the Boston area. Consequently, a retaliatory criminal complaint was issued against me. This was ultimately dismissed which opened the door for my civil suit.


Enter Attorney Howard Friedman. Following a jury trial in Federal Court I was awarded monetary compensation. Over the next ten years a legal tussle followed over the question of who was liable financially for my compensation. Howard Friedman successfully represented my position in the Bankruptcy Court, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and the Massachusetts Appeals Court.


With pit-bull determination he never wavered in his tenacity and his attention to detail. I owe a deep debt of gratitude to Attorney Friedman for his unremitting, dogged and professional representation of my position and advocacy on my behalf."

Our client Alan Pinshaw, M.D.