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 If you would like us to represent you, do one of the following:

1.  Call us at (617) 742-4100.


2.  Complete our online Case Evaluation Form.


3.  Write us a letter explaining why you are seeking an attorney. Your letter should provide plenty of detail so that we can properly understand your case.

After you provide a brief description of your case by of the three ways above, we review this information and decide whether we will investigate further. If we decide to investigate, we usually will ask to review documents such as medical records, police reports, or court documents.

We consider all potential cases carefully. Please understand that we are a small firm and we review many more cases than we can handle.

Not in Massachusetts? If you are calling about a civil rights matter outside of Massachusetts, we recommend contacting the American Civil Liberties Union in your state. If you are calling about a police misconduct matter outside of Massachusetts, we recommend looking at the attorney directory of the National Police Accountability Project.