Behind the blue wall: Claims of bias in the State Police force

Howard is quoted in this Boston Globe article: Behind the blue wall: Claims of bias in the State Police force. The article provides an in-depth view of many claims of discrimination within the Massachusetts State Police. Women and minority troopers have said that the police force, which is overwhelmingly white and male, is a biased and hostile work environment. The Globe has examined many of the lawsuits filed against the department, which detail claims of racist and homophobic taunts, sexual harassment, and biased employment decisions including female or minority troopers being passed over for promotions or even barred from the force. Howard’s comments point out that state police tend to protect one another—and in at least one pending rape case, troopers appeared in court to support a male trooper charged with rape. We believe police officers should not be above the law. Our state police should reflect the diversity of the people of Massachusetts.

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