Howard will speak at upcoming events for law students, lawyers, police officers, and others on the topics of police misconduct, wrongful convictions, and qualified immunity

Howard will be speaking at several upcoming events to share his knowledge of police misconduct law, the doctrine of qualified immunity, and how police and prosecutorial misconduct leads to wrongful convictions.

Today, he will speak to law students at Boston College Law School in a class taught by Geri Hines, a retired judge of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

In March, Howard will speak at a Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education program for  attorneys representing people suing police and those defending police officers who want to learn more about police misconduct and police brutality litigation.

On April 4 Howard will be speaking to law enforcement officials and risk managers and other insurance executives at a conference on “Risk Management and Loss Control for Law Enforcement” in Cape Coral, Florida. Howard will discuss the causes of wrongful convictions and methods to reduce wrongful convictions and false arrests, as well as the plaintiff’s perspective on police misconduct litigation.

Lastly (for now), on April 11, Howard will speak about qualified immunity at an event hosted by the Federal Bar Association. Qualified immunity is a defense that police officers often use in an effort to defeat claims of police misconduct. Qualified immunity is complicated, but its essential concept is that a police officer is not liable for violating anyone’s rights, unless they violate a right that is “clearly established” and obvious to any reasonable officer. This program includes Federal Judge Timothy Hillman and Professor Karen Blum, an academic expert on police misconduct cases.

Howard is pleased to have these opportunities to educate people about issues relating to civil rights law and law enforcement misconduct.

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