Punches as police practice called into question after viral videos
Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Law Offices of Howard Friedman

Howard is quoted in this article: Punches as police practice called into question after viral videos. The article discusses a video that went viral this weekend because it shows Worcester, Massachusetts police officers punching a man numerous times after taking him down to the ground. We view these punches as unreasonable force and police brutality. The police department, however, claims that punches like these follow proper police procedure.

Police officers are not allowed to use unreasonable force. When a police officer punches a person who is already subdued it does not serve a legitimate police purpose and is therefore unreasonable. If this use of force follows department policy, the policy must be changed.

Videos of police misconduct such as this one create a renewed opportunity for civilians to argue for police accountability.

We also recommend this column about this incident: Clive McFarlane: Officials too quick to accept police version of violent arrests.

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